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Unfortunately, ants are commonly found in our area. Although they’re small and unassuming, they can create numerous issues for you and your family members. These social insects are members of the Formicidae family. They build large underground colonies and live with thousands of other ants. Researchers confirm that there are at least 12,000 species but there could be 14,000 or more. Ants can be identified easily because they have unique appearances, including elbowed antennas and thin waists. These pests are successful at everything they do because they always work as a team.

They’ll work as a team when searching for food, building nests, and caring for young ants.

Reasons For Ant Infestations

Ants tend to enter homes because they’re searching for food. Ant colonies are established outside of structures. An underground ant nest can house thousands of ants. However, some colonies only have a few hundred. It depends on the age of the colony. Ants prefer staying outside but they can enter homes for several reasons, including searching for food. Ants can easily travel hundreds of miles to enter homes and search for food. Ants are determined pests that will do whatever it takes to survive. They’ll find a way to enter your home if they must.

Worried About Ant Dangers?

You’re likely concerned about the dangers associated with ants. Although they’re disgusting, these pests aren’t dangerous. They shouldn’t cause any problems in this category. These pests will create a nuisance in your home but they shouldn’t make anyone sick.

Eliminating Ants In Dwellings

Ants need to be removed from the dwelling as swiftly as possible. They’re not going to make anyone sick but they will make your skin crawl. Therefore, you should work quickly to eradicate them. Remember that they build many nests that are linked together. To get rid of the pests, all of the nests have to be treated correctly. You can work with us to fix this problem. Our ant program is designed to help people in your unique situation. We’ll fix the problem quicker than you could ever imagine.

Using DIY Methods

You may consider fixing the problem using DIY methods. Although this is one option, it likely isn’t the wisest. The problem is that many DIY methods are not going to provide reliable results. Instead, you should work with a professional to remedy the problem. The problem with DIY methods is that many of them are unsafe and others are not effective. You need experience and skills to eliminate these pests. Call us and let us fix the problem for you.

We Can Help

Don’t waste any time. Call our office so we can begin helping you as soon as possible. We’re always each to help. We can respond to your call within 24 to 48 hours.

Our Treatments Are Safe

We’re thrilled to provide our clients with safe solutions. We’ll always do everything we can to ensure that you’re going to be okay. For instance, we’ll work cautiously to make sure that the precise amount of products are used. We use EPA-registered products because they’re safe. These products are going to fix the problem while protecting everyone involved.

Preventing Ant Invasions

Be sure to do what you can to eliminate the risk that ants are going to enter your home. With patience, you might be able to keep them out. Seal your home’s exterior walls and keep your home clean to avoid problems.

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