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Bed bugs are tough, there are no two ways to go about it. They’ve even gotten tougher as time has gone by. This is because they are no longer affected by certain chemicals and pesticides that used to be effective at killing them. If it isn’t taking an entirely different route to kill the bugs, it is taking two or three applications of these chemicals and pesticides, even just further increasing the need for new, innovative methods.

Thanks to the development and advances in the pest control industry, revolutionary treatments are now available. One such treatment is known as heat treatment. However, it doesn’t mean this treatment is suitable in all situations, and it might not even be applicable in your specific situations. Regardless, it takes understand everything you can about the treatment to know whether or not it is the right option for you and your property. Here’s what you need to know about heat treatments.

How Does Heat Treatment Work?

While there is a whole slew of pest management companies in Charlottesville administering heat treatments, each company utilizes unique administration techniques. However, the process is still fairly similar. You’ll find that while some methods are different, they are all based on the same theory of raising the temperatures in the home to 140 degrees F or hotter. Our techs bring in special equipment to raise the temperature in the home to 140 degrees F.

Depending on the severity of the infestation, we may only need to raise the temperature in the bedroom. We may need to raise the temperature in the entire home. Whatever the situation, this is something our techs will discern beforehand. Bed bugs cannot stand up to specific amounts of heat, as it causes their organs to lock up and malfunction.

The Most Effective Option

Heat treatments are one of the most effective options available today for killing bed bugs. There are several reasons for this. One, it penetrates between cracks and crevices and behind wallpaper, whereas pesticides and chemicals cannot. It can be applied around edibles and moving machinery. It can also be applied to electrical outlets without the fear of electrical shorts.

In addition to this, it kills bugs in all stages. Eggs, adults, and nymphs. It kills them all in all stages.

Properly Monitoring The Temperatures

While there is no denying that heat treatment is effective, it does have some potential downsides. One downside is that the heat must be consistent. If the heat falters or fluctuates any bit during treatment, it could lead to problems. This is why our techs also bring in special monitors to monitor the temperatures. At the very second that the temperature drops, a signal will be sent to our machines and the corrections will be made. It is imperative to maintain 140 degrees F for 90 minutes straight, otherwise, the treatments will be ineffective.

Evacuating The Property During Treatment

Another potential downfall for the treatment is the impacted home must be fully vacated prior to each treatment. You can come right back onto the property after the treatment is administered. But, only if there are no residual effects from the treatment that endanger the lives of any of the occupants. Indeed, people do sit in spas every day at temperatures these great, but it usually is only for a short period. Exposing yourself to 140 degrees F for 90 minutes or more would be lethal. Even our techs have to evacuate for specific periods.

Not only this but some items will have to be removed from the home as well. This is something our techs can determine, so you potentially have nothing to worry about on your end if you choose us as your pest management provider. We’ll even remove the items from the property for you. 

Whether you have questions, concerns, or just want to learn more about heat treatments, you can give our Charlottesville offices a ring. We always have techs standing by ready to answer your questions. If you find yourself in need of emergency services, you can give us a call as well and we’ll get someone out to the property immediately. Whatever the situation, don’t hesitate to call us.

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