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Charlottesville, Virginia receives all four seasons. Although it is fun to experience all seasons, this creates certain problems including overwintering pest infestations. You have to be ready for overwintering pests because they’re common in our area. While you’ll encounter a handful of other overwintering pests, one of the most common is the stink bug. Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs are invasive overwintering pests that are native to Asia. In the United States, the first stink bug was found in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1996. Today, they are found across the country in states like Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia.

Stink bugs aren’t physically dangerous because they don’t bite or transmit illnesses. These pests range in size from half an inch to three-quarters of an inch. They can be many shades of gray or brown. They’re easy to identify because they have a back shaped like a triangle. Plus, their antennas are covered by white stripes.

Reasons You Have Stink Bugs

Once you’ve found stink bugs in your home, you shouldn’t blame yourself. It wasn’t something you did. Instead, stink bugs enter homes in the fall because they’re overwintering pests. Stink bugs cannot tolerate the cold winter experience in Charlottesville so they need to take shelter and stay warm. They’ll achieve this by entering homes across our city. They’re small and smart enough to sneak through small gaps and cracks. Once the cold temperatures have passed, these pests are going to leave your home and return outside. Then, they’ll begin causing severe damage to crops.

How Dangerous Are Stink Bugs To People?

You may believe that household pests are dangerous. Ultimately, this may or may not be the case. Some are but others aren’t. In terms of stink bugs, they are not dangerous. They can be one of the most annoying overwintering pests, but they do not pose any health risks to people or pets. Once they’ve infiltrated your home, it is wise to get rid of them using a vacuum cleaner. Don’t crush them or try to handle them. Doing so will scare the bugs causing them to release a foul odor.

Eliminating Infestations Of Stink Bugs

There are several effective ways to eliminate stink bugs but some methods are better than others. Using a vacuum cleaner is a quick and easy way to fix the problem. Turn on your vacuum cleaner and use it to suck up the bugs. Once you’ve done this, you can dispose of them far away. Be sure to get rid of them a decent way away from your home to prevent them from returning. When dealing with large infestations, it can be difficult to handle the problem on your own. Contact our office so we can help you fix this problem. We offer full-scale stink bug services so we can help you every step of the way.

DIY Methods For Stink Bugs

You’ll likely consider using do-it-yourself methods to wipe out the stink bugs in your home. Ultimately, DIY methods can help but you shouldn’t rely on them solely. Doing so will lead to disappointment. These methods aren’t reliable enough. Furthermore, some of them are dangerous. The best way to fix the problem is by working with a licensed exterminator in Charlottesville.

Stink Bug Removal Costs

We can’t tell you how much you’ll have to pay until we’ve had time to analyze your situation. We need to find out more about the problem you’re facing. Once we’ve found out how big your home is and what services we’ll need to use, we’ll be able to give you a bid price. Once you’ve accepted it, we can begin treating your home.

Avoiding Future Stink Bug Problems

Be sure to do what you can to keep stink bugs out of your home in the future. Doing so won’t be easy but you can make it harder for stink bugs to find a way to enter your home. Properly seal your exterior walls. Fill in any gaps you find around your windows and doors. Block entry points around plumbing pipes and utility lines. Do this and the pests won’t be able to sneak into your home.

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