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How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

Most people know that bed bugs are good hiders. Most people know they like to take up residence in the bed and mattress. You’d probably be surprised at the information the average homeowner knows about the bed bug these days. This is because bed bugs infestations have become more and more common and people are having to arm themselves with this information. In today’s world, information is king. That being said, there is still a lot unknown about this creepy crawler. There is also a lot of misleading information out there. Whether you are dealing with a small, confined infestation or a large, widespread, finding and catching these creatures will be the most challenging task you do. It will also be pertinent if you want to permanently remove the pest from your property and keep it gone. These creatures love to settle in cracks, crevices, and rarely accessed locations, making them hard to spot. Unfortunately, scouring the home and cleaning every nook and cranny will not be enough. It likely only will further spread the infestation. This is why it is usually best to get the pros involved at the first sign of an infestation. That being said, there are things you can do and should do to get the process started. After all, the first step is confirming that you are dealing with a bed bug infestation. The best and only way to do this is to force these bugs out of hiding. While this might be harder than one would imagine, it is entirely possible with the right tools, tips, tactics, and information.

Am I Dealing With Bed Bugs? Help! Bugs Won’t Come Out Of Hiding

Bed bugs usually go way out of their way to avoid detection. They like to take the road less traveled, making them harder to spot. They’ll completely rearrange their sleeping and living habits to oppose that of yours so they can feed when you are asleep. Luckily, there are things you can do to counter this. Here’s how you’ll want to go about getting started:
  1. You can’t begin your search until you know when to start. This might sound a bit weird and you’re virtually just going to be placing lures and traps and letting them work their magic, but you have to know when to do it. You’ll want to start your journey when the bugs would be asleep. If you sleep during the night, the bugs are going to be asleep during the day. This is when you’ll want to start placing traps and lures.
  2. When you know the time to begin, you’ll want to start the process by moving the bed from the wall. This will allow you to install the traps and lures under the legs of the furniture and bed, forcing the bugs to travel up these legs before accessing you. You are virtually making the bugs travel through the traps before accessing you. With that in mind, the goal is to trap them before they leave the lure or trap. How this is done depends on the trap itself.
  3. There is a wide selection of traps available to you today. However, when looking to go affordable, you cannot beat the dish-like device. This is pretty much a dish-like device that goes under the feet of the bed. The bugs enter the device but don’t come out. Most other traps work similarly. The only major difference is that some of them utilize glue paper instead of a dish-like design.
  4. Another one available to you these days is the CO2 trap. This one works just like the trap described above. The major difference is that this one emits CO2 to lure the bugs in. There are also heat and a combination of heat and CO2 lures. All are designed to lure the bugs into the trap and prevent them from escaping. By moving the bed away from the wall, you force the bugs to travel up the legs, instead of the wall. You take away the ability for the bugs to crawl up the walls to access you. Just keep in mind, this will only work for bugs that haven’t already inhabited the mattress. Bugs that have already taken up residence in the mattress are a completely different story.

Use Everything Available To You

Any pest management firm in Charlottesville should tell you that when fighting bed bugs, you have to utilize everything available to you. As you can see, the above-mentioned traps and lures are only so effective. They only work for bugs that haven’t already inhabited the mattress. To capture and kill these bugs, you’ll need to utilize encasement devices. With all this in mind, one of the best and most underutilized tools you have available to you today is the pest management professional. Someone with experience and time battling these creatures. That’s exactly where we come in. We offer a wide selection of traps, lures, and other detection devices to help you determine whether or not you are dealing with bed bugs. We’ll then help you eliminate this threat and keep it gone for the foreseeable future. All You have to do is pick up the phone and give our Charlottesville offices a call.

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Our extermination team based in Charlottesville is fully equipped to take on any bed bug infestation. We hire only the best exterminators in the Virginia pest control industry. Feel free to reach out to one of these knowledgeable pest control experts at your earliest convenience.

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