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How Long Does It Take For An Exterminator To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs, while only the size of an apple seed, can create a lot of damage in homes and businesses. These tiny insects are highly known for attaching themselves to humans, so they can be transported to new areas. The unfortunate soul who ends up transporting the insects will become the next victim of an infestation. The best way to avoid bed bug infestations is through awareness. You need to know what these critters are, what they eat, and how they survive because it is the only way to protect your home. Below, you will discover the factors that determine how long it takes for a licensed exterminator to eliminate a bed bug infestation.


Mild To Moderate To Severe


Exterminators possess the skills and knowledge required to rate bed bug infestations, which are ranked between mild to severe. While it is extremely difficult or impossible to determine how many bed bugs are involved in a single infestation, licensed exterminators can make an educated guess through their knowledge and experience. When only a small number of bed bugs and damage is detected, the infestation will be classified as “mild”. In moderate and severe infestations more damage and bed bugs are involved.


The more severe the bed bug infestation, the longer it will take the exterminator to work his magic.


Single Or Combined Treatments


Members of some households tend to ignore their surroundings. They go about their daily lives and never consider the potential dangers lurking in their personal spaces. Unfortunately, these individuals are going to be totally caught off guard when they finally discover that bed bugs are living in their homes. People who are more aware will detect the problem earlier, making it easier for the exterminator to eliminate it.


When the bed bug infestation has been overlooked for a long period of time, it will be much more difficult to eliminate. In these cases, the exterminator may decide to utilize a combination of bed bug treatments. Cryonite and traps make a good combination treatment for severe cases of bed bug infestations. Another combination treatment includes heat or steam and pesticides. When combination treatments are utilized, the cost is going to be much higher, unfortunately, But, if the homeowner wants quick results, a combination of treatments will be required.


Type Of Treatment


Another factor that determines the result is the treatment plan. Of course, a combination of treatments is most often going to offer quicker results than single treatments but it is not always necessary. Depending on the severity of your bed bug infestation, you can opt for a single treatment. Combination treatments are considered a necessity when the infestation is classified as “severe”.


There are multiple bed bug treatments available on the market. The treatments range from heat to steam to chemical. Steam and heat treatments offer extremely effective results, even in moderate and severe bed bug infestations. In mild infestations, chemical treatment may do the trick.


To determine what bed bug treatment will work better for your infestation, you will need to speak with a bed bug exterminator Charlottesville VA.

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