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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

When it comes to family fun activities, very little compares to international travels. In fact, the destination does not matter. Where you go or how long you plan on staying, venturing to a new location is exciting. New sights, new sounds, different smells, and it doesn’t hurt that this is coming after being locked up for nearly a year straight. With this in mind, one does need to be aware of the dangers associated with traveling because there are ample. However, one of the biggest threats could be lying in wait in your hotel room and you not even know it. This could be the bed bug. Learn the SLEEP theory, live by it, and you might avoid a potential infestation.


This first step is probably obvious to many as it means survey. It means to survey your new digs. Don’t just blindly move into your because you are paying $200 a night for it and assume you are okay. Even the cleanest homes in the world have reported bed bugs. These pests are not discriminatory and will take up whenever and wherever they see the opportunity. Perform a visual inspection of the room, checking the mattress, drapes, and drawers. Even keep your nostrils open for sweet, musty odors, as these smells are usually present in larger infestations.


The second step of the theory is so important that it has a double meaning. That being said, it is pretty much just a continuation of the first step. The only difference here is this step takes things a bit further. It means to get physical and lift the mattress, check under the box springs, and remove the pillowcases if needed. This step will go a bit smoother if you know all the potential hiding spots for bed bugs. While there are too many to mention here, this is information you can easily uncover online.


The first “E” of the theory represents the elevation stage of the process. This one is pretty smart, as it is more of an offensive approach. It means to elevate your luggage utilizing the hotel’s elevated luggage rack, There are probably elevated supports in the closet as well. Either one is going to serve the same purpose. This gets your luggage up off the floor where it will be safer from free-roaming bedbugs. Bed bugs can climb walls, but they are lazy pests. They usually try to take the road less traveled and stay off the radar. Placing your luggage up high might make them think it isn’t worth the extra effort, as the climb could cause them to get spotted. This is how these creatures think.


Here is another offensive approach to the theory. It represents the examination portion of the theory. It means to examine your things before heading home. Even the new stuff you bought. Do a quick check to make sure that you aren’t bringing anything back with you. This is also something you can do at home, but you’ll want to make sure to do it in the garage or basement, somewhere away from your sleeping quarters. You do not want to give these bedbugs a chance to invade your mattress or bedroom.


Finally, the last step of the theory. It might be the last, but it is probably one of the more important, as it is also an offensive attack. It means to place your travel clothes and belongings in the washer in hot water. After washing them in hot water, you’ll want to dry them on the hottest heat possible. It is well-documented that bed bugs cannot stand up to specific amounts of heat. When exposed to temperatures of 140 degrees F or hotter for 90 minutes or more these bugs will dehydrate and die. Their organs will virtually shut down.

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