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Residents of Charlottesville may run into spiders at some point. These pests are incredibly problematic because they can bite someone and inject them with venom. Suffice to say, this is very dangerous. If you find spiders in or around your home, it is best to stay away from them. The risks are too great to ignore. Spiders belong to the Araneae order. They’re arthropods that have six to eight eyes and eight legs. Spiders have fangs that can easily pierce your skin. With more than 40,000 species around the world, spiders can be found anywhere. They’re unique because they build webs by shooting silk from their abdomens. In generals, they prey on spiders and small insects. However, there are a few species that are incredibly large.

The largest species can easily consume lizards and birds. A few species like living with other spiders. They’ll build communal webs and live with up to 50,000 other spiders. When protected, spiders can live for many, many years. They often survive for 25 years. In the wild, they generally only survive for a few years. Adult male spiders are small but their fangs or palps are much larger. Male spiders are more likely to enter your home since they may do so when searching for a female mate.

How Dangerous Are Spiders?

Some people believe that spiders are the most dangerous household pests. Ultimately, spiders can be dangerous but they’re not as dangerous as most people believe. Spiders can bite and inject venom into their victims. Just remember that this doesn’t happen often. Most spiders bites are harmless. There is still a chance that you’re going to experience a severe bite. Spider bites can sometimes lead to necrotic wounds, systemic toxicity, and death. It is pertinent to carefully monitor the victim’s health to ensure that they’re not experiencing serious problems.

Reasons For Spiders

You’ve likely wondered why spiders have decided to enter your home. Ultimately, they do so for several reasons. Some will enter homes so they can find insects to eat. In addition to this, a male spider might enter your home to look for female spiders to mate with.

Eliminating An Infestation Of Spiders – Do You Need A Professional?

Ultimately, it won’t be easy to get rid of the spiders in your home. Remember that these pests can be incredibly dangerous. Therefore, you won’t want to make mistakes when getting rid of them. If you do, you’re going to regret it. These pests can bite and make you sick. Prevent this from happening by finding a safer way to eliminate the infestation. Start by reducing the spider population around your home. Get rid of woodpiles, rock piles, and other debris outside of your home. Once you’ve done this, spiders won’t be able to build nests around your home. Don’t forget to eliminate existing nests to get the spiders away from your home.

Finally, make sure your home is properly protected. Seal all small gaps on your exterior walls to keep them out. If you’re having trouble fixing this problem, contact an exterminator. A professional will have industrial-strength tools that can fix the problem swiftly.

The Safest Spider Treatments

Our company works hard to ensure that our spider treatments are safe. We want to do everything we can to protect our clients. We achieve this goal by using products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. We prefer using these products because they’re safe and effective. These products will keep you safe while eliminating these pests. Rest assured knowing that our technicians have been properly trained. They’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe.

Our EPA-registered products are going to keep you protected during each phase of the process.

When Can You Start?

We’re always ready to help Charlottesville residents. When you’re ready, call our local office and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Avoiding Future Spider Infestations

It is pertinent to keep spiders out of your dwelling. If you can do this, you can sleep soundly knowing you won’t have to use our services. It isn’t easy to keep them out, but you can do it. Reduce the spider population around your home to keep these pests. Make sure that you clean your yard and get rid of any debris. Remove rock piles, woodpiles, and other nesting posts. Eliminate their nests to remove them from your property. Finally, take the time to properly seal your exterior walls. Fill in any gaps you find so these pests cannot find a way to enter your home. If you still need help, we’ll be here to aid you. Call our office and we’ll begin working hard for you shortly.

Brown Recluse Spiders In Charlottesville

We understand that many of our clients are worried about brown recluse spiders. Unfortunately, these pests can create numerous issues. Plus, the brown recluse spider is one of the most dangerous spiders in the world. You can’t play games around these pests because doing so could be dangerous. These spiders are deadly, but they’re not as bad as some people believe. Use the information below so you can sleep soundly.

  • Although they may show up in Charlottesville, they’re rare in our area.
  • These spiders often hitch a ride in shipping containers to reach our home.
  • They are sometimes dropped off in our area. When they are, they are hardy enough to survive here.
  • It is uncommon for people to find brown recluse spiders outside in Charlottesville.
  • These spiders can live in homes with pets and children yet they won’t bite anyone. You usually don’t have to worry about this. As long as you stay away from them, you’ll be okay.
  • These spiders do not move from one dwelling to another.
  • Certain products can eliminate brown recluse spiders.
  • Do not mistake funnel weaver spiders or grass spiders for brown recluse spiders. Don’t overreact until you’re positive you’re dealing with brown recluse spiders.
  • Although you can be afraid of spiders, you shouldn’t let your fear ruin your life. Contact us and we’ll get rid of them.

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