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Ladybugs are cute. Most people agree with this, but few realize some of them are pests. Unfortunately, ladybugs can create serious problems for homeowners and business owners during winter. These pests belong to the Coccinellidae family and grow up to half an inch. They’re red or orange with a few black spots on their wings. They have black body parts, including legs, antennas, and heads. Researchers have confirmed that there are more than 5,000 ladybug species around the world. 450 or so are native to the United States. Although most are benign, a few species are considered pests in our area. With that being said, you should be ready to deal with a ladybug infestation.

Nevertheless, you’ll find that most ladybugs are helpful because they eliminate aphids, mealybugs, mites, and scale insects.

Reasons You Have Ladybugs

Again, ladybugs are considered benign but not all of them are. A few species can become pests in our area. Ladybugs are overwintering pests. They like entering homes because they’re looking for warmth. They cannot tolerate the cold temperatures. They’ll find a way to enter your home and stay there. Once spring arrives and the temperature rise, the pests are going to go back outside. The pest species has been in the United States since the 20th century when it was brought in to eliminate aphids. Since then, they’ve spread across the United States. They can be found in most states.

Can Ladybugs Make You Sick?

You’re likely worried about ladybugs making your loved ones sick. We understand this wholeheartedly and can tell you that everything will be okay. In general, ladybugs are not dangerous. These pests do not transmit serious illnesses. Some species can nip your skin but they’re not powerful enough to cause any damage. Ladybugs do not carry diseases or parasites.

Eliminating Ladybugs In Your Home

Make sure that you work quickly to get rid of the ladybugs in your home. Ladybugs are tricky pests and difficult to eliminate. One thing to note is that they’re overwintering pests. Therefore, they want to enter your home and hibernate until the temperatures increase. Although you could wait until spring, you’d have to put up with them all winter. Is this something you can’t tolerate? It is best to get rid of them sooner. The best way to do that is by treating the problem promptly. Call our office so we can take steps to get rid of these pests. We offer comprehensive ladybug services so we can help identify the source of the problem and get rid of them.

There is no central nest so it is incredibly difficult to fix this problem.

DIY Ladybug Removals

Many people in our area will attempt to eliminate ladybugs on their own. We understand this but it is generally not a good idea. Ladybugs are not easy to eliminate. Following a DIY treatment plan is not recommended. If you want to put this problem behind you promptly, hire an exterminator. We think this is the best way to fix the problem. Don’t play around with DIY pesticides because some of them are dangerous. In some cases, they could be deadly. Let a professional deal with it.

We’ll Start Soon

We sincerely want to help you right away. Once you’ve called our office, we’ll make sure you get a call from us within 24 hours.

Safe Treatments

We always work hard to provide our clients with safe solutions. We would never do anything that could expose you to health hazards. Instead, we’re going to fix the problem using the latest products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. We prefer using these products because they’re safe. We can sleep soundly knowing our clients are going to be protected during each phase of the process. Furthermore, we’ve trained our technicians thoroughly to ensure they will follow precise protocols to keep you safe. Call our office to learn about the steps we take to protect you.

Preventing Ladybugs From Invading Your Home

Since ladybugs are overwintering pests, it is going to be difficult to keep them out of your home. They have to find shelter to survive. Therefore, they’re going to enter your home no matter what it takes. Be ready to deal with the problem. Call us as soon as you find ladybugs in your home.

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