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Locals will likely encounter box elder bugs at some point. Although they’re going to worry you, it is wise to understand that boxelder bugs are not dangerous. These small pests do not pose any risks to people or pests. They’re small but their flat wings have a few red marks on them. It is common for adults to reach half an inch in length. When they’re outside, they’re going to feed on a handful of trees including boxelder trees.

Causes Of Box Elder Bug Infestations

Boxelder bugs are going to invade residences and other structures because they’re members of the overwintering category. Since they’re members of this group, they’re going to invade your home in late summer and early fall. Suffice to say, they cannot tolerate extremely cold temperatures. They’ll find a way to enter your home so they can survive. They can enter homes through the smallest cracks, holes, and gaps. They’ll stay hidden in your home until the warm temperatures return.

Dangers Linked To Box Elder Bugs

In general, you don’t have to worry about these pests making you sick. They will become a nuisance in winter though. They’ll try to enter your home and stay there. They will not damage your home or make you sick.

Removing Box Elder Bugs From Your Home

You’ll want to work swiftly to get rid of the box elder bugs in your home. Remember that these pests can be difficult to eradicate. You can try fixing the problem on your own, but you won’t have much success. They’re not easy to fix. Instead, you should team up with our qualified professionals. We can help you fix the problem right away. Contact us to learn more about our residential pest control services.

DIY Removals

Most people will consider fixing this problem using DIY methods. Some of these techniques will deliver some results. However, not all of them are effective. We cannot recommend using do-it-yourself solutions to fix the problem. The products usually aren’t are reliable or effective as professional products. Furthermore, some of them contain dangerous products. If you misuse them or mix them incorrectly, you could get into big trouble. Work with us to avoid these risks.

We Can Help

Remember to contact our local office so a professional can get back to you shortly. We’ll make sure someone gives you a call right away.

Safest Solutions For Boxelder Bugs

We strive to provide the safest solutions for boxelder bugs. Your safety is our top priority. Besides getting rid of the pests, we’ll do everything possible to keep you safe. We use products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, our technicians will follow all of our precise steps to ensure that you’ll be protected.

Preventing Box Elder Bug Invasions

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to prevent boxelder bugs from invading your home. Still, you shouldn’t open the door for them. Properly clean your home before sealing all exterior walls. Do this and you’ll make it harder for these pests to enter your home.

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