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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

You may not know much about bed bugs, but you are probably aware of the fact that they are extremely cryptic. With the ability to hide amongst your everyday surroundings, these critters can hide in some of the most out-of-the-way places and come out and feed on you when you least suspect it. You combine this with their quick wits and slim profile and it just makes matters all that much worse. It doesn’t take a pest management professional to see that these bedbugs have extraordinary hiding abilities. It’s almost as if you need to know where to look for them.

Common Hiding Places For Bed Bugs

While bed bugs will take up residence just about anywhere they can, there are some places they choose over others.

Box Springs And Mattresses

How do you think these creatures got their name bed bugs? It’s because ninety percent of the infestations in a home take place in the mattress and box spring. These areas provide quick, easy access to their food source. That’s why it’s their preferred location. In addition to this, they sense body heat, expelled CO2, and kairomones. All things the human body emits during sleep.

Cracks And Crevices Of The Bed Frames

A lot of bed frames naturally crack, bend, and warp over time. While this sometimes does create some natural beauty, it also makes for the perfect hiding spots. Unfortunately, these will be some of the harder spots to reach and see into because they are usually only the diameter of a credit card. With a real powerful vacuum, you can suck these pests out.

Linen/Bed Sheets

Here is another obvious known location. The one good thing about this location is that the bug’s presence is usually much easier to locate and eliminate. It‘s much easier to spot the bugs crawling on top of your sheets, rather than trying to dig one out of a crack. Also, look for stains on the sheets, as this could be another good indication of the presence of the bugs. You can go the extra mile and wash all your sheets in hot water and then dry them on the hottest heat setting. This will eradicate the bedbugs and eggs if there are any.

Couches And Upholstered Furniture

The couch or sofa is much like the bed, given the fact that it opens up multiple hiding potentials. Just think of all the potential hiding spots within a couch. There’s under the feet, in the armrest, under the padding, and tons of other well-secured locations. The same goes for most pieces of furniture. It doesn’t hurt that humans also used the items to lounge around in and sometimes nap. They provide the perfect opportunity for the bed bug.

Rugs And Carpet

Rugs and carpeting are installed in a lot of bedrooms, and this is probably why the bed bug chooses these locations for residence sometimes. This and the fact that they can easily unlatch from your shoes or luggage and hide in these areas until no one is around. Rugs and carpets are probably not one of their most preferred hiding locations, but they do provide just even cover and protection for the bug to feel safe.

Surprising Places You Might Find Bed Bugs

The spots mentioned above are somewhat obvious hiding spaces for these creatures. That being said, they will choose to hide in some locations where you’d never think to look. It will be knowing these locations that make the biggest difference.


Just arrived home from an exotic, all-inclusive vacation? Better check your bags for bugs because these critters are prolific in the hospitality industry right now. Even if you stayed in a five-star hotel, you’ll want to scour your belongings. Your suitcases mainly, as they provide hundreds of hiding spots. Check the pockets, in the thread, under the tags, and anywhere you can think.

Wall Decorations

Some pieces tie a room together. Maybe that is the case with your beloved family portrait hanging over your bed. Unfortunately, you might have to get rid of it or at the very least, give it a good scouring. This is because bugs will take up residence in it. These items along with wallpaper, picture frames, and little ornaments provide the perfect living conditions for the bed bug.


The same goes for your books. Unfortunately, bed bugs will get into them as well. However, they are more likely to get into the spines and under the covers as opposed to between the pages, but the results are the same.


Cold, dark, dank, and usually located in the bedroom. Sound like the perfect living conditions for a bed bug? That’s exactly what the nightstand has to offer. It doesn’t hurt that there are also hundreds of hiding potentials within this one location as well. Make sure you scour these pieces top to bottom/ inside to outside when checking for infestations.


Every home has at least one computer or laptop these days. Maybe a TV or two and a tablet. Regardless of what the electronic is, bed bugs can get in it. Your previous iPhones? They are not safe from these creepy crawlers. It is the heat emitted from the circuit boards that attract them. Given the damage they can do to these items, these are the last places you want them turning into a home.

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